Regular Home Maintenance

Your home is your most valuable asset but that asset can turn into the movie money pit if regular maintenance is not part of your standard routine. You should maintain your home in the same way that you maintain your car because without regular maintenance both your car and your home are headed for lots of problems and expense. Like a car often home repairs can be prevented altogether with routine maintenance but unfortunately the value you have worked so hard to establish in your home, can be significantly reduced without regular maintenance. So the question becomes… Whats first.

Maintenance chores that involve water intrusion should be top priority, so:

  • Install rain gutters if you don’t already have them. This will direct water away from the foundation of your house and help to prevent rotting exterior siding,windows, and doors.
  • Clean your gutters twice a year to avoid an abundance of water that can rust gutters made of sheet metal and render your installed gutters useless when the water must back up over the sides.
  • Adjust your sprinklers to ensure that you don’t wet your house along with your grass and garden.
  • Go up in the attic to check for roof leaks every several months to prevent water damage to ceilings and walls from leaks.
  • Use the bathroom fan or open a window when you take a shower to prevent condensation that encourages mold and mildew growth.
  • Check under sinks and around toilets for signs of water regularly. Quickly finding leaks before damage occurs is a big saver.
  • Watch air conditioning drain lines when you know that the unit is cooling. There should be a steady drip of water coming from the pipe. If there is no water, the pipe could be clogged and water will overflow the drain pan and drench your ceiling.
  • Watch for cracks in the grout of any tile surfaces, especially the ones that are often wet, because the crack can let water through to rot the wood that supports the heavy weight of tiled showers and floors.