Storm Door Addition

For those of you wondering what kind of jobs we do as handymen, this is a job that fits the bill. It can be completed in two to three hours and for my company would cost $130 plus the cost of the door. To me it is a good embodyment of the kind of thing that we can do although not the only thing that we do. Of course to get the most savings out of your handyman you need to add this job in with that washing machine hose that just keeps leaking, those spigots that need winterizing for the upcoming frost, and that ugly, loud fan in the back bedroom that needs to be replaced. Imagine what savings could come out of calling one company that employs people able to complete that wide array of jobs all in a single visit. If this makes sense to you and you can think of lots of jobs similar to what I have mentioned please visit our contact us page and let us serve you.

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