Hurricane Irma Cleanup

With this new storm hitting my service area I have been preparing to do as much as I can to help. My schedule has been made as open as I could schedule it to handle the incoming calls for help. I still expect there to be more needs than I can handle so please call as soon as you can for an open spot. I foresee jobs such as downed tree cleanups, temporary tarps for roofing damages, and roofing patch work to name a few. My company will be best in helping things like jobs that are not enough to meet your deductible or small jobs a contractor isn’t interested in. People needing large projects are better to find a contractor since they are better equipped for these larger jobs. Also consider what a cleanup restoration company can help with. They may be what you need for a fast response to control damages and keep them from getting worse but they are limited in what repairs they make for you. Call me if you have questions and I’ll help.


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