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Currently looking to hire a Handyman Technician. This position requires manual labor such as working from a ladder, climbing, stooping, and lifting in the heat of the summer as well as the cold of the winter. You will be required to operate a service vehicle and use it to go on service calls to residences where you will be repairing and maintaining various homeowner and commercial properties. A general knowledge of the trades (electrical, plumbing, carpentry) and other skills (painting, roofing, sheetrock, etc.) is needed. You will need to make decisions quickly, keep customers informed, and be able to sell your services to the public.This is a full time position with taxes, medicare, and social security withheld. Pay will start at $12-$16/hr based on experience.

Company Information
Allpro of Georgia is a provider of handyman services in Southeast Georgia. We are a part of the construction industry and are currently a small business with a welcoming, family atmosphere. We pride ourselves on being an honest and reliable source for our customers to find help with their maintenance problems. We build lasting relationships with our customers who often look at us as someone who cares about their needs. We service anyone within one hours drive of Nahunta, Ga. You would serve on average 5-8 customers a week.


  • Keeping up with your schedule. As calls come in they are scheduled on a first come first served basis to the technicians and you’re going to be expected to manage your part of them.
  • Stay safe. The most important tool to keep you safe is located between your ears. The majority of the equipment used in this field is dangerous and you are what will keep you safe.
  • Estimating jobs to a target profit. When on site customers often want a price before you begin and that price will have to cover our cost and meet a target profit.
  • Maintaining a standard of professionalism through the way you handle your customers. We drive marked service vehicles and wear provided uniforms (buttoned shirt with a logo tucked in, belt, jeans, and closed toed shoes).
  • Care for the tools and equipment that you use. You will be using service vehicles, trailers, and various other equipment that will need to be cared for. All tools are provided and should not be lost or left. Common hand tools and a tool bag are provided once and if lost will be replaced by the technician.
  • Paperwork is completed for each job. For example invoicing/estimating for most customers or maintenance plan forms for our residential and commercial maintenance plan customers.
  • Report to work on time each morning where there will be a discussion about each day’s assignments before heading out to complete the work.
  • This is a learning position. As new techniques become available and new services are offered you will be required to learn and carry out those techniques and services. No one person is knowledgeable in all aspects of maintenance and new technicians often have a lot to learn. I did when starting my business.


Beneficial skills

  • How to pressure wash
  • How to low pressure wash
  • How to use construction equipment (circular saws,table saws,reciprocating saws,etc)
  • How to build (framing carpentry, finish carpentry)
  • How to patch shingles
  • How to identify and stop roofing leaks
  • How to paint (brush, roll, spray)
  • How to use drills/impact drivers
  • How to unclog drains (snaking, jetting, drain bladder)
  • How to plumb
  • Replacing faucets, points on a well, water heaters
  • Irrigation system work
  • Installing aerators and water softeners
  • How to replace electrical fixtures (ceiling fans, ballast, lighting, receptacles, switches)
  • Installing generator setups (interlock kits, transfer switches, transfer panels)
  • Appliance repair work
  • Sheetrock work (patching, finishing, texturing)
  • The list is always growing and changing

Minimum qualifications

  • Drivers license
  • Willingness to learn


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