Why use Allpro?

I am qualified to do any handyman job around your home or business. I have been training from an early age. My mama was a single mother to me and my sister and as a young man together we figured out a lot of things to get by. I also had some good mentoring from my grandfather and other members of the family too. Then as a working adult it seems that in all my jobs I always ended up being the guy to call when something wasn’t working as it should. I noticed this and eventually landed a job where it was my sole purpose to fix things. This was as a maintenance man with a local school system where we maintained seven schools throughout the county. During four years of this job I have honed old skills and added several more to my arsenal. We often construct new buildings and repair old ones along with lots of other plumbing, electrical, roofing, drywall, painting, and any other project that one could do. In addition to this I spent my evenings and weekends for these four years renovating a farmhouse from the 1940s that my wife and I bought. Soon, I realized these skills are invaluable and in high demand so I set out to offer my services at a fair rate to anyone who might need them. Over the next years I added services to offer as I seen a demand and now I find that there are few things involved in a buildings maintenance that I don’t know about. If your property could use skills like I am offering please call me at the number on the top right of your screen. I am happy to help.

I also have customer reviews with testimonials that can be viewed here.