Home Investments: Have your cake and eat it too

How often do you get to have your cake and eat it too?Most people don’t think about it but investments put toward your home are a great way to do this. A house is the only asset that can grow in value as you maintain or improve it. Try doing that with a car, boat, or vacation. Houses offer the only way to get a return on an investment from your personal property.

Just think back to all of the new shows about home improvement on the DIY channel and you’ll know what I mean. Shows like Flip this House, Fixer Upper, or Flip or Flop all showcase this idea to the extreme. After all, these are people looking to buy a property, renovate it, and sell it at a profit. This couldn’t be possible if maintaining and renovating a house isn’t worth it.

But wait a second, you say you aren’t looking to sell your house. Well, this is the part where you get to eat the cake too. When you fix your house up you get to enjoy it more! The same reasons that increase the value of a maintained home are also enjoyable if you are the homeowner. If you don’t like a squeaky door in a home you are looking to buy, surely you don’t want to hear that squeak every time that door swings open in your own home. Discover a better way of life. Quit spending hard earned money on cheeseburgers and fix that leaky sink in the kitchen. Supper at home with your family is more enjoyable that way. Also it may mean more money when the kids graduate and that cottage in the woods fit for retirement hits the market.